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A Kissweh design in a beautiful palette of acqua green colours and based on a traditional pattern commonly used on the edges of dresses.

It is an elegant pillow that can be combined with any of our acqua collection pillows or make a bold statement when combined with a neutral palette. 

- 16 x 12 inches (40.5cm x 30.5cm)

- hand embroidered, usually taking over 2-3 weeks to embroider a pillow

- embroidered with top quality cotton threads

- back is made from Italian linen in tourmaline acqua colour

- one of a kind pillow with each pillow combining colours differently

- acqua or yellow zipper

- 100% down-feather insert included and made in the US

- global shipping is available without pillow insert

Ensaf - Acqua
Ensaf - Acqua
Ensaf - Acqua